The Stuffed Badger

About The Badger

Our Story
The Stuffed Badger Tapas Restaurant and Bar is the culmination of 5 years planning between the owners to bring Brisbane and Bowen Hills a fresh take on eating and drinking. Tapas, originating in Spain has become a well loved food style of Brisbane.

Pete, our Head Chef, has studied under some of the great chefs and in well established restaurants whilst completing his apprenticeship in England. With 6 years recent experience in a well-loved Italian style restaurant, he now has the skill to blend, fuse and re-interpret the flavours, techniques and styles that is Tapas.
Pete’s passion for fresh and tasty is evident with every dish that comes out of the kitchen into the restaurant. Visually appealing and just as equally tasty every dish is a labour of love. Keeping it new is what keeps the passion alive, which leads to menu items been tested and put onto the menu every few months. Keep up with our menu updates on or social media or come and find out in person.
Among Pete’s many talents is his ability to make amazing food gluten free. Much to the surprise of many coeliacs, our entire menu is available to them. 
We aim to refresh this beloved style of food. Enlivened and reimagined through  "The Stuffed Badger" and The Badger Boys.
In the restaurant and bar Terry and Tj are the friendly faces you’ll come to know if you stop through even just once.  With a combined knowledge of 15 years from running bars and restaurants throughout Brisbane Terry and Tj bring a wealth of knowledge to the table (figuratively and literally). Their passion for liquor and all things wine and beer is what makes this small bar something a little bit different.  A small selection of wines, all available by the glass and by the bottle, have been chosen to match the food, environment and to please any palate. Cocktails are all off menu. Ask for a classic or one tailored to your personal tastes and they will deliver something amazing that all your friends will want. Beer in the fridge is from a few small brewers along with a couple of crowd favourites. 

From all of us here at "The Stuffed Badger" 
we hope to see you soon. We are very excited to bring something new to the table. 
See You Soon